Live medical coding charts take your learning to the next level!

Medical coding is a fulfilling and lucrative career that also gives you the perfect work-life balance. Training to be a medical coder can be a challenging and grueling experience though, as you work your way through tomes of theory and tons of charts. However, the effort that you put in is always worth it in the end as it helps you make the transition from student to professional smoother and easier.

At Coding School, we understand how important it is to master both the theoretical and practical aspects of coding. This is especially true with HCC coding, which requires accurate codes to be assigned for chronic conditions of Medicare Advantage members. The payments are then adjusted to the relevant health plan through a predictive cost model, which is what the risk adjustment part of Coding School’s HCC coding course is all about.

The cutting edge Blackboard Learn technology, combined with extensive course material that was created by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the health information management and medical coding fields, provide in-depth value to students who can study from the comfort of their own homes.

Now Coding School has added even more value to this already rich course with the addition of hundreds of redacted charts that help students get a real hands-on experience with coding!

Redacted charts are real, live charts that have the patient information data hidden in order to comply with HIPAA regulations that keep all the sensitive patient data protected. Students of Coding School get 50+ such redacted charts as part of the basic course and more than 300+ charts as part of the advanced course.

Benefits of live charts for students:

Live charts help students to get a hands-on experience of what it is like to work on real charts in a hospital or clinic setting or even in a remote setting. It helps to make the transition from a student to a professional easier. They get more confidence through working on live charts while also increasing their knowledge, enhancing their skill sets, and improving their speed and accuracy. Coding School also provides instant system feedback which helps them learn from their mistakes, gain confidence from their successes, and enhance their confidence even further.

By the time a student completes Coding School’s basic and advanced courses in HCC Coding and Risk Adjustment Training, they will be more than ready to face the world of medical coding with confidence and make a difference to the world of healthcare.

Live medical coding charts